IQ Camel Championship

2024 Jan, 25     Abu Dhabi, UAE

In a groundbreaking collaboration, EX Sports, the developer of Al Hejin, joins forces with IQ Protocol to introduce the ‘Al Hejin Camel Racing IQ Protocol Tournament.’ This innovative partnership combines the thrill of digital camel racing with the excitement of gaming, integrating lucrative rewards and advanced Web3 technologies.

Experience Al Hejin: The World's First Web3 Mobile Camel Racing Game Developed by EX Sports
Al Hejin, the world's first mobile camel racing game, offers an exclusive play-and-earn gaming experience via the EX Sports app. Players engage in competitive camel racing using Al Hejin Camel NFTs, where fun meets strategic gameplay, all enhanced with the opportunity for big rewards!

IQ Protocol: Bridging Gaming and Web3 Communities
IQ Protocol is a beacon for the gaming industry, offering a permissionless open-source NFT rental technology that breaks down barriers. They provide an effortless, cost-free integration that invites users to seamlessly step into the realm of blockchain games and NFT projects.
Their technology is designed to supercharge engagement by enhancing the three metrics that matter the most in the gaming world: the number of players, the level of activity, and the liquidity of the in-game economy. With IQ Protocol, games have seen a tenfold increase in the distribution of their assets and a surge in player onboarding.

NFT Distribution and Community Engagement:
EX Sports is allocating 20,000 Al Hejin Camel NFTs, valued at $80,000, to IQ Protocol and their selected network of Web3 partners, who have been exclusively invited to participate in the tournament. This esteemed group includes Arcade2earn, DeQuest, CARV, Real Player DAO, Ancient8 and Avocado DAO. These partners, alongside IQ Protocol, will oversee the FREE distribution of NFTs within their respective communities, paving the way for widespread involvement in both the game and the championship. To join the event, participants are required to follow the guidelines set forth by their specific partner. Upon adherence to these guidelines, they will receive a unique redeem code, essential for claiming their free Al Hejin NFT on the EX Sports app, enabling their participation in the tournament. Read more about each participating partner:
Lucrative Prize Pool:
The 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship' features a substantial prize pool, serving as a major draw for competitors. The grand prize of $1,000 USDT, offered by EX Sports, presents a compelling reward for the skill and dedication of participants. In addition, IQ Protocol significantly elevates the prize offerings with 10,000 IQT tokens, reflecting their commitment to enriching the gaming experience. Arcade2earn enriches the overall prize pool with an additional 10,000 xARC tokens, adding another layer of excitement for participants. This robust prize structure of cash, IQT, and xARC tokens not only underscores the event's competitive nature but also highlights the engagement, excitement, and diversity of rewards within the Web3 gaming community.

How to Participate in the Event
The tournament is scheduled from Saturday, 27th January 3pm GST, to Saturday, 10th February 2:59pm GST 2024. To participate in the NFT giveaway and compete in the tournament, users must follow the guidelines provided by their respective communities. Moreover, the game is playable solely through the EX Sports app, necessitating an EX Sports account and an associated EX Sports wallet for a seamless and integrated gaming experience, centralizing all aspects of participation and reward within the EX Sports ecosystem.

Note that the free NFT giveaways are exclusively for new users of EX Sports.

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