Arcade2earn's Exciting Collaboration in the Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship

2024 Jan, 25     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Arcade2earn is thrilled to be part of the 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship' alongside EX Sports and IQ Protocol, marking a pivotal moment in the fusion of traditional sports and the evolving GameFi sector, driven by blockchain technology. With its innovative platform based on Ethereum and enhanced by Avalanche, Arcade2earn is set to add a unique flavor to this event, drawing in a diverse gaming audience.

Arcade2earn's Contribution with Native Token xARC
In an initiative showcasing their support for the gaming community and commitment to the Web3 ecosystem, Arcade2earn has taken a noteworthy step by adding their native token, xARC, to the championship's prize pool. The inclusion of 10,000 xARC tokens, while a substantial addition, complements the existing prize array, which includes $1,000 USDT and 10,000 IQT tokens. This gesture by Arcade2earn highlights their dedication to nurturing the gaming community and the broader Web3 world, without overshadowing the primary rewards of the event.

Unifying Tradition and Technology in the Championship
The 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship' is a unique amalgamation of the age-old tradition of camel racing and the innovative Web3 technology. The event boasts a rich and diverse prize pool, promising an exhilarating and rewarding experience for participants and viewers alike. The inclusion of xARC tokens from Arcade2earn enhances the excitement and engagement for its community, adding a special touch to the overall championship.

Revolutionizing GameFi with Arcade2earn
Arcade2earn is redefining the GameFi industry with its cutting-edge platform, allowing users to earn rewards through various video games. Its infrastructure, encompassing Mission Pools, NFT Curators, and other innovative features, offers a dynamic and interactive gaming experience. The introduction of xARC tokens into the prize pool reflects Arcade2earn's commitment to meaningful community participation, fostering a sense of involvement and ownership among its members.

Exclusive Community Engagement and NFT Access
Additionally, Arcade2earn is offering up to 1,000 Al Hejin Camel Racing NFTs to its community. These NFTs not only hold value but also provide exclusive access to the championship on the EX Sports platform, enriching the play-and-earn experience for participants.

Anticipating a Landmark Event in GameFi
Scheduled from January 27th to February 10th, 2024, the championship is anticipated to be a landmark event in the GameFi sector. Arcade2earn's contribution of xARC tokens, although not the main highlight of the prize pool, is a testament to their enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the championship and its participants, further energizing the Web3 and gaming communities.

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