Understanding The EX-Sports Wallet

2023 Aug, 01     Abu Dhabi, UAE

EX-Sports have developed its own Decentralized Crypto Wallet, built whilst following the best industry practices. The EX-Sports wallet is built on the popular EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) infrastructure that allows users to store and manage Ethereum and Binance Chain (BNB) based gaming assets. As the EX-Sports wallet is native to the platform, it allows for seamless integration with the marketplace and games created.

EX-Sports has its own Decentralized wallet. What does this mean?

  • The EX-Sports decentralized crypto wallet acts as a secure interface that enables users to access, store, and retrieve blockchain based assets like Digital Collectables.

  • In order to purchase a Digital Collectable on EX-Sports, you first need to connect a decentralized wallet, such as the inbuilt EX-Sports wallet or another like a MetaMask wallet.

  • When you purchase a Digital Collectable asset on EX-Sports, it is stored on the blockchain. The Digital Collectable asset can be accessed through your chosen decentralized wallet. You can only ever access your Digital Collectable assets through a decentralized wallet, such as EX-Sports or MetaMask.

  • When you create a wallet with EX-Sports, you will be provided with a ‘secret passphrase’, which in effect is your digital key, and enables you to access and control your Digital Collectable assets on the blockchain. The decentralized nature of the wallet means that the user/owner and anyone they share the keys with will have full custody of the ‘secret passphrase’. It is important to write them down and keep them safe because if lost, there is no way to retrieve or recover them, as EX-Sports does not and is unable to store any sensitive data.

  • You can use the ‘secret passphrase’ to access your Digital Collectables purchased on EX-Sports through any decentralized wallet. 

Will the NFT assets' image look the same in every decentralized wallet?

  • Digital Collectable assets purchased on EX-Sports may appear differently in various decentralized wallet interfaces.

  • Certain Digital Collectables have been minted in such a way that the metadata is closed/hidden. This means that only wallets that can read this specific code can view the original Digital Collectable asset, whether it be an image or video, etc.

  • The EX-Sports wallet, the native wallet of EX-Sports, can naturally read all EX-Sports minted NFTs, so you can view the full Digital Collectable asset, whether it be a video or image, from inside the wallet interface.

  • On a different wallet, such as MetaMask, the interface is only able to read and show the Digital Collectable name, rather than the actual image/video of the asset. You can still fully access and carry out transactions for the Digital Collectable assets, but it just means you are unable to view the image/video design of the Digital Collectable.