EX-Sports Launches Urbanball, the World's First Play-and-Earn Street Football Mobile Game in the Web3 Era

2023 Jul, 25     Dubai, UAE

Dubai, July 2023 – EX-Sports, a pioneering force in the realm of Web3 sports gaming, is thrilled to announce the full release of Urbanball, the world's first play-and-earn street football mobile game. Available now on both iOS and Play Store, Urbanball offers an exclusive and immersive gaming experience, accessible exclusively through the EX-Sports App.

Combining the excitement of street football with the innovative play-and-earn model in the Web3 era, Urbanball has revolutionized the gaming landscape. Developed over an intensive year-long process, the game takes inspiration from real-life Urbanball Fight Street Football players, renowned for their physical tournament performances across the globe.

Urbanball introduces an unprecedented gaming experience, allowing players to earn real rewards while engaging in captivating gameplay. To embark on their Urbanball journey, players must possess at least one Character NFT Card, a symbol of authenticity and participation in the game.

Urbanball has enjoyed tremendous success with multiple NFT drops on the prestigious Binance platform over the past year, resulting in a rapid sell-out of all NFTs. In response to high demand, a limited quantity of team/reserved NFTs will now be released on the EX-Sports marketplace, providing an exclusive opportunity for players to join the Urbanball revolution before these NFTs become scarce.

Those who purchased their Urbanball NFTs on Binance can transfer them to the EX-Sports app by using the dedicated swap website: https://swapnft.urbanball.io/ . This will allow you to use the NFTs in the game once transffered. Video instructions below: 

Urbanball delivers an adrenaline-fueled experience, featuring three exciting game modes: Trickshot, Freestyle, and 1VS1. Each mode challenges players to showcase their skills, earn high scores, and accumulate in-game currency tokens as rewards. These tokens hold immense utility within the evolving EX-Sports app, offering players a myriad of options to enhance their gaming experience, acquire additional NFTs, and unlock further rewards.

Highlighting the strategic significance of each Character NFT, Urbanball ensures that rarity plays a pivotal role. The rarer the card, the greater the power it bestows upon the player, significantly enhancing their chances of victory and earning valuable points.

"We are thrilled to announce the full release of Urbanball, the world's first play-and-earn street football mobile game," said Toli Makris, CEO at EX-Sports. "Urbanball sets an industry benchmark by merging captivating gameplay with the play-and-earn concept, offering players an entirely new dimension of excitement and rewards in the Web3 era."

To play Urbanball, download the EX-Sports mobile app, available on IOS and Android, visit https://ex-sports.app.link/CVazFZg1Ewb.

About EX-Sports: 

EX-Sports is a leading Web3 sports gaming company known for creating immersive experiences that merge sports, technology, and blockchain. Their flagship product, Urbanball, is the world's first play-and-earn street football mobile game, allowing players to compete, earn rewards, and collect exclusive NFTs. With a focus on innovative gameplay and ownership of in-game assets, EX-Sports is redefining the sports gaming industry and providing players with exciting and rewarding experiences in the Web3 era.

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