EX-Sports Unveils Urbanball: World’s First Play-and-Earn Street Football Game

2023 Jul, 25     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Urbanball is transforming the mobile sports gaming scene as the first Web3 street football game of its kind, exclusively accessible through the EX-Sports app on both iOS and Android. This avant-garde game ingeniously melds the raw energy of street football with the expressive art of freestyle and the disciplined essence of traditional football. With Urbanball Athlete NFTs at its core, the game links your football finesse directly to tangible rewards, pioneering a distinct play-and-earn dynamic that sets a new standard in the sports gaming industry.

From Streets to Screens: The Authenticity of Urbanball
Urbanball transcends the typical gaming experience by drawing deep inspiration from the real-life intensity of Urbanball Fight (UBF) athletes. These athletes, celebrated for their global tournament achievements, inspire the game’s maps, which are based on actual locations from the Season 1 global tournament. This real-world connection enriches the game, offering players an authentic street football experience that honors the sport's competitive spirit.

Evolving Mobile Sports with a Freestyle Legend
At the helm of Urbanball’s digital evolution is the freestyle football icon, Sean Garnier. Known universally as the greatest freestyle football athlete, Garnier infuses the game with unmatched authenticity and skill. As the face of the Urbanball brand and game, his legendary status elevates the player's experience, bridging the gap between virtual challenges and the artistry of real-world football.

Join the Urbanball Community
Urbanball invites you to lace up and immerse yourself in a groundbreaking gaming journey where your football skills are not just for show but open doors to real rewards. With Urbanball, the thrill of the game leaps off the streets and onto your screen, offering an unparalleled blend of competitive play and the excitement of earning through your sportsmanship.

Are you ready to showcase your tricks, strategy, and flair in this revolutionary Web3 sports game? Download the game through the EX-Sports app and join a global community of players where the spirit of street football thrives in the digital age. Urbanball isn’t just a game—it’s your chance to make history on the digital pitch.

Get in the game: ex-sports.app.link/CVazFZg1Ewb

Those who purchased their Urbanball Digital Collectables on Binance can transfer them to the EX-Sports app by using the dedicated swap website: https://swapnft.urbanball.io/ . This will allow you to use the Digital Collectables in the game once transferred. Video instructions below:

About Urbanball
UrbanBall, founded by Sean Garnier over a decade ago and co-owned by EX--Sports, is a dynamic street football ecosystem that aims to build a global community while assisting aspiring footballers worldwide. It offers a unique 1vs1 football format called Urbanball Fight (UBF), talent scouting programs, a web3 play-to-earn game, digital collectibles, tournaments, micro-events, e-commerce, and more, all interconnected for a comprehensive street football experience.

At the heart of UrbanBall is the UBF format, emphasizing skill, agility, and creativity in street football battles. It has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts globally. UrbanBall conducts talent scouting initiatives to identify hidden talent and provide opportunities for growth, bridging the gap between undiscovered players and professional pathways.

About EX Sports
Founded in 2019, EX Sports is transforming the niche sports industry by harnessing innovative technologies. Leveraging its 20+ years of experience in sports promotion, the company enhances fan engagement and athlete support through creating comprehensive journeys that seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences. Its all-encompassing app serves as a central sports hub, featuring a Digital Collectibles Marketplace, unique in-house published Web3 games, and live streaming of exclusive events. Every component of the EX Sports ecosystem is interconnected, aiming to provide genuine utility, significant value, and enriching experiences for fans, athletes, and general users alike.

Download the EX Sports App: ex-sports.app.link/CVazFZg1Ewb