EX-SPORTS Celebrates Successful Collaboration with Binance for NFT Drop and Launch of Fully Featured Game on EX-Sports App

2023 Jul, 14     Dubai, UAE

EX-SPORTS, a web3 sports engagement platform, is pleased to announce its fruitful partnership with Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain platform. This collaboration has witnessed the successful launch of a highly anticipated NFT drop and the subsequent integration of these unique digital assets into the newly released game on the EX-Sports app.

Prior to the game's full release, EX-SPORTS and Binance joined forces to conduct a series of exclusive NFT drops, providing sports enthusiasts and collectors with the opportunity to own limited-edition digital assets. These NFTs have garnered significant attention and demand, thanks to their rarity and utility within the Urban Ball game ecosystem.

With the game now fully available on the EX-Sports app, users who acquired these exclusive NFTs can seamlessly transfer their assets into the game to unlock their full potential. The game is built on the BNB Chain (BNB), ensuring a seamless and efficient integration process.

To facilitate the transfer, clear instructions can be found on the dedicated website https://swapnft.urbanball.io/ , guiding users on how to transfer their NFTs into the EX-Sports wallet.

"EX-SPORTS is thrilled to have collaborated with Binance for the NFT drop and the subsequent launch of our fully featured game," said Toli Makris, CEO at EX-Sports. "The success of our partnership reflects the shared vision of both companies in revolutionizing the sports and NFT space. We are excited to offer our users an immersive gaming experience and provide them with opportunities to engage with their NFT assets in meaningful and exciting ways."

Throughout the challenging months in the crypto space, EX-SPORTS remained committed to advancing its development efforts and building a robust platform for its users. This dedication ensured the protection of all Binance users who participated in the NFT drop, creating a secure and reliable environment for their digital assets.

The integration of NFTs into the newly launched game showcases EX-Sports' commitment to delivering innovative and engaging experiences to its user base. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the BNB Chain, EX-Sports has established a seamless connection between digital collectibles and in-game utility, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the world of sports entertainment.

About Binance: Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain platform that provides a wide range of services for individuals and businesses in the blockchain industry. With a strong focus on security, liquidity, and user experience, Binance has become one of the most trusted and influential platforms in the crypto space.

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