EX Sports Launches in Bangkok and Sets to Work on Using Blockchain to Solve Sports’ Problems

2019 Aug, 09     DEPA, Thailand

At a high-profile press conference jointly organized with Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) in Bangkok’s Gaysorn Tower on July 29, EX Sports announced its official launch in Thailand and immediately began outlining its plans to develop Blockchain-based solutions aimed at addressing many of the problems currently facing a number of teams, athletes and fans in the world of sport today.

In addition to announcing the launch of EX Sports, the press conference was also called to outline the current status of the global sporting community, identify key areas in need of support and development, and explore potential solutions. A number of prestigious guests from the global sports community were invited to share their insights into these topics, while EX Sports also introduced some of the projects the company has been working on with various partners across the world of sports.

First to take the stage was keynote speaker, Mr Stephan Fox. In his roles as Vice President of GAISF and President of AIMS, Fox has a greater understanding than most of the issues currently facing both amateur and professional sports of all kinds and at all levels. He used his keynote speech to introduce many of these issues.

CEO of EX Sports Thailand, Mr Kata Boonsin, followed this by making a technical presentation of two of the projects the company has been actively developing over the past year. Both driven by Blockchain, the two projects are aimed at increasing the participation of fans in sport. The first initiative involves a secure platform for the trading of digital sports collectibles, while the second project provides a transparent system of sponsoring individual athletes, with a particular focus on financing up-and-coming amateur athletes.

EX Sports believes that its Blockchain solutions can also make sport more accessible to the fans in other ways. Co-founder of EX Sports, Dr Seth Fishman, gave a detailed overview of the equine industry and the difficulties faced by anyone trying to get into this industry. Fishman then described how Blockchain can give ordinary fans the opportunity to get involved and even “own” a part of the industry.

Mr Joachim Thumfahrt, Director of the the Jiu-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF), confirmed that his organization has already signed a partnership agreement with EX Sports and developed a case study which was presented to the international sports community at the recent Sport Accord 2019 Summit in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. With the support of EX Sports, the JJIF is now preparing to launch its own digital collectibles in Abu Dhabi in November.

Blockchain for the good of sport was a theme that continued throughout the conference. Ms Julia Gonvinden, CEO of United Through Sport (UTS)—a not-for-profit organization that focuses on using the power of sport to help disadvantaged children across the world—was also keen to look at how Blockchain can help its cause. With UTS currently exploring ways of extending its work into Thailand, the organization is carefully considering opportunities of partnering with EX Sports on ways of utilizing Blockchain to bring in charitable contributions to the organization’s programs.

Representing the Blockchain community was Ms Ratchata Sethworatej, CEO of Blockchain Centre Bangkok, while Sam Lee from Blockchain International flew in from China. Lee described the strong partnership that his organization has developed with EX Sports. He then went on to talk about the relevant regulation of Blockchain before concluding with examples of how Blockchain can help sport overcome many of the problems it is currently facing.