Introducing URBANBALL, The Mobile Game: Evolution of Street Football

2023 May, 30     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Urbanball, an exhilarating play-to-earn web3 mobile game, brings the dynamic world of street football to your fingertips. Based on the innovative 1vs1 sport, 'Urbanball Fight', pioneered by legendary freestyler Sean Garnier, this mobile game adds an additional layer of excitement to the Urbanball ecosystem. It features real athletes who've excelled in physical Urbanball Fight competitions worldwide and integrates elements of the physical game to deliver a thrilling mobile experience defined by strategy, precision, and quick reflexes.

To play the game, all you need is an EX Sports account and wallet, as well as Urbanball character and skill NFTs, which can be purchased on the EX-Sports app—a free-to-download platform. These Urbanball NFTs, featuring real-life Urbanball Fight athletes, were initially released and quickly sold out on the Binance NFT platform. A select number of new NFTs will soon be minted and made available on the EX-Sports marketplace. This marketplace will also enable users to trade NFTs, including the rarest and most powerful ones, which could enhance your in-game rewards.

The mobile game offers three engaging game modes: Trickshot, Freestyle, and 1vs1, each offering a unique gameplay experience:

Trickshot Mode: This single-player mode requires precision and timing. Using your Urbanballer Character NFT, your goal is to hit as many targets as possible within 60 seconds. Set in various maps based on real locations tied to each NFT character's competition venues, such as the Abu Dhabi Skyline, Tavares Bastos, and the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink, the closer your shot is to the center, the more points you earn. The more points you score, the higher you'll climb on the Trickshot High Score Leaderboard. Characters with a high speed rank have an advantage in this mode as they can make the targets appear bigger.

Freestyle Mode: In this multiplayer mode, you compete against another player in a rhythmic game of perfect timing. Choose your preferred Character NFT and aim to press the falling buttons at the perfect moment to perform freestyle skills. Scoring is based on precision and combo hits, with higher agility characters having an advantage. The winner, decided in a best-of-three-round challenge, earns UBT tokens.

1vs1 Mode: A strategic multiplayer mode where two Urbanballers face off in a best-of-five round challenge. With alternating turns as attacker and defender, players compete based on their characters' skills and attributes, with a higher strength giving you an edge. Winning the best-of-five-round challenge earns the player UBT tokens.

Each victory earns you UBT tokens, the official in-game currency, making the game not only fun but rewarding too. UBT tokens can be used to purchase Urbanball NFTs and can be transferred into EXS, the official currency of the EX-Sports app, creating even more opportunities.

Urbanball is exclusively available on the EX-Sports app, a free-to-download platform that houses a marketplace for all your NFT requirements. Within this marketplace, you can browse, purchase, and list the essential Urbanball Character and Skill Card NFTs that enhance your gameplay experience. With EX-Sports and Urbanball, enjoy a seamless, rewarding fusion of blockchain, NFTs, and exciting street football gaming.

EX Sports is available on both iOS and Google Play Stores. The Urbanball game represents a novel approach to mobile gaming, merging real-world skills and experiences with digital economies and online competition. With Urbanball, the passion, talent, and excitement of street football are just a few taps away. So, step into the game, take to the streets, and start earning while having fun.

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