EX Sports Welcomes Another Former German Soccer International on the Podball Podcast

2023 Jan, 12     Dubai, UAE

The big names just keep on coming on the Podball celebrity podcast series. EX Sports promised us star names and they have delivered yet again. This time, it was another former German soccer international who joined series host and street football superstar Sean Garnier on the roof of the ‘View At the Palm’ overlooking Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah. Born in Brazil but with 19 goals in 52 appearances for the German national team, Kevin Kuranyi has an interesting story to tell. He also knows a thing or two about football, but how would he fare in the Podball Trickshot Challenge?

Known as a striker with great aerial ability and finishing skills, Kevin scored 210 goals in 542 appearances during a professional club career which included stints at Stuttgart, Schalke 04 and Hoffenheim 1899 in the German Bundesliga as well as well as 5 years with Dinamo Moscow in the Russian Premier League.

Impressive as his club career was, it is on the international stage where Kevin’s story becomes really interesting. Sean Garnier took the opportunity to discuss the fascinating journey of Kevin’s early career, and how this gave him the option of playing international football for four different countries.

Having been born in Brazil to a Panamanian mother and a German father of Hungarian descent, Kevin started playing youth football at the age of six in Brazil where he spent most of a footballing development that also included two one-year stints playing in Panama. At the age of 15, Kevin moved to Germany where he joined VFB Stuttgart’s youth set-up before turning professional with the Bundesliga club in 2001.

Although his interesting background made him eligible to play for Brazil, Panama or Hungary, Kevin eventually opted to play for Germany and would go on to score 19 goals in 52 appearances for the German national team.

While Kevin’s football credentials are beyond question, it was time to find out how he would fare in the Podball Trickshot Challenge. Each podcast concludes with the guest being invited to play the trickshot game in the Urbanball demo mode. At the end of the series, the guest with the highest score then wins $10,000 USD to be donated to a charity of their choice. As usual, Sean did his best to distract Kevin by asking him a series of quickfire questions, and this time he had some success as he managed to keep Kevin’s score down to 2,550, putting him in third place. Another former German soccer international, Dennis Aogo remains in top spot with 3,480 points.

Click here to watch the episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wHTYpWnMEDs

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