EX Sports rewards Urbanball NFT holder with meeting Brazilian Superstar Neymar Jr

2022 Sep, 19     Dubai, UAE

The lucky NFT holder was flown into Qatar to watch Neymar and other legends compete in the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five.  

Seeing A-list celebrities and athletes in public is something a fan will talk about for the rest of their life, but to actually meet, talk and take exclusive pictures and video with one is something fans can only dream of. These are the rewards and experiences that EX Sports deliver to its users.

EX Sports is a sports-tech company with a fan engagement platform that comprehensively promotes ‘niche’ sports, all the way through to grassroot levels.  Urbanball, a street football ecosystem, is a prime example of this, which EX Sports has championed immensely during 2022.

(EX Sports at their Urbanball qualifiers in the Favelas of Rio, Brazil)

Led by the legendary freestyle footballer, Sean Garnier, Urbanball is on a mission to build the sport of street football through its innovative 1-vs-1 format, called ‘Fightball’, dubbed the ‘UFC of football.  Street football is something played by millions around the world, especially in underprivileged locations where a lot of the talents are overlooked by mainstream sports due to factors like inequality, poverty and social status. Urbanball is striving to provide players with something they can participate in, earn rewards from and develop a career in. 

The journey sees Urbanball scout, nurture and promote street football talent from around the world, through holding Fightball tournaments.  Winners of these tournaments are offered a chance to become an Urbanball athlete, have their NFT created in the Urbanball collection and become an in-game character for the world's first play-and-earn street football mobile game, due for release in December 2022.

The Urbanball mobile game and NFTs are where fans can participate and benefit from through the powerful utility and reward mechanisms. So far in 2022, EX Sports launched three Urbanball mystery box drops on Binance, featuring NFT collections of the UK, Belgium and Brazil. As well as a unique digital collectible, every NFT entitles the user to some form of reward. The greatest rewards are reserved for those who unbox the most exclusive Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs, consisting of limited edition artwork of Sean Garnier. Each drop has only 10 of these NFTs included (from 10,000), and anyone who unboxes one is granted what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for most.. to physically meet a pro-footballing legend along with Sean Garnier.

(The SSR ‘Flame Edition’ NFT of Sean Garnier, 10 of 10 released and NFT Holder meets Sean Garnier and Neymar)

Sean Garnier plays freestyle, futsal, 5-aside and exhibition football matches around the world with some of the greatest stars, past and present. NFT holders get to travel with him, all expenses paid, as he competes in matches. Two Lucky holders have already been rewarded with such a prize.

The owner of the SSR ‘Flame Edition’ NFT, that dropped in May’s Belgium Collection, was flown to Qatar to watch Sean Garnier play with Brazilian Superstar Neymar Jr, in the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five competition.  As well as having front row seats next to Sean Garnier, the owner was invited backstage to the changing rooms where he was able to meet Neymar in person, a truly unforgettable experience.

June’s Binance drop this time saw the owner who unboxed the SSR ‘Sean Garnier Diamond Edition’ NFT invited to an exclusive private event in Dubai, with Brazilian football legend, Daniel Alves, who held an exhibition performance alongside Sean Garnier.  You can read the full article detailing the event here: https://www.ex-sports.io/news/39

(NFT Holder meets Daniel Alves)

Other rewards users can receive include personalized messages from Sean, signed merchandise, exclusive invites, first looks and much more.  Once the game is released, users will be able to utilize their NFTs to compete against one another in a play-and-earn environment, where they will win rewards that they can exchange into real world items and even cash. 

EX Sports has more activity planned later this year that will give fans and NFT owners the opportunity to meet sporting legends and celebrities, providing once in a lifetime opportunities and changing lives at the same time.