EX Sports & ADCC Submission World Fighting Federation Partner to create official athlete NFTs

2022 Sep, 02     Dubai, UAE

EX Sports will begin creating NFTs of athletes, in partnership with Fight Scout, at the ADCC Istanbul Open 2022, in Turkey.

Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Submission World Fighting Federation was created by the UAE’s Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with the goal of creating a standard for which all ground fighting martial arts would be measured. The ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships are the best grappling tournaments in the world, allowing participants from multiple disciplines to compete against each other.

Blockchain technology presents new and evolutionary ways for sports to develop at all levels, providing athletes and federations with the ability to create new revenue streams whilst deepening their relationship with fans. EX Sports's partnership with the ADCC is a prime example of how even ‘niche’ sports can benefit. The agreement entails each athlete having 1,000 official NFTs minted, with the athletes themselves receiving 80% of the revenue from sales. This structure directly impacts the athletes life positively through providing incremental revenue, incentivising them to perform better which improves the overall sport. The fans are rewarded too, with NFT holders being entitled to exclusive privileges, like video calls with athletes, signed merchandise, access to live streamed events and more. EX Sports' CEO, Toli Makris, said "When creating the rewards structure of EX Sports, it was of utmost importance for there to be real utility that supports the athletes, federations and fans alike, allowing them to have the same sort of rewards and benefits as those in mainstream sports receive".

EX Sports partnership with the ADCC also involves Fight Scout, who power all of the athlete data and statistics that will be part of each NFT on the EX Sports marketplace, allowing buyers to make more informed decisions and track athlete progress.

EX Sports will begin the NFT production at the ADCC Istanbul Open 2022, Turkey, taking place on the 3rd and 4th September 2022.

EX Sports is on a mission to promote ‘niche’ sports like powerlifting, who have huge fan bases but have been almost completely overlooked during the blockchain boom. EX Sports fights for these 'Underdogs'

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