EX Sports and the International Powerlifting Federation begin production of official athlete NFTs

2022 Aug, 30     Dubai, UAE

EX Sports has begun creating the NFTs at the IPF World Classic & Equipped Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.

The IPF is the largest powerlifting federation in the world, embracing members from over 100 countries. The blockchain partnership with EX Sports, a full circle fan engagement platform, was initially signed in November 2021, and will see official IPF athlete NFTs created and listed on the EX Sports marketplace, alongside a range of other services.

Blockchain technology has presented new opportunities for sports, giving athletes and federations the ability to tap into new revenue streams and explore ways of deepening their relationship with fans. EX Sports's partnership with the IPF exemplifies this, with each athlete having 1,000 NFTs minted and receiving 80% of the revenue from sales. This structure incentivizes athletes to perform better, improve their brand image and most of all create new revenue streams that can help finance their career. The fans are rewarded too,with NFT holders having exclusive privileges, like video calls with athletes, signed merchandise, access to live streaming events and more. EX Sports' CEO, Toli Makris, said "Having real utility that supports the athletes, federations and fans is a massive part of EX Sports and supports our vision for evolving niche sports and helping them reach the same heights as those in mainstream"

EX Sports has begun the NFT production at the World Classic & Equipped Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships in Istanbul, Turkey, taking place between the 27th August and 4th September 2022.

EX Sports is on a mission to promote ‘niche’ sports like powerlifting, who have huge fan bases but have been almost completely overlooked during the blockchain boom. EX Sports fights for these 'Underdogs'

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