EX Sports Cements Partnership with JJIF

2019 Apr, 15     Abu Dhabi, UAE

With a relationship dating back four years, EX Sports and the Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) are long-term allies. The partnership is now being taken to the next level after the two parties agreed to collaborate on two new projects.

Through another one of the companies in their group, the co-founders of EX Sports first collaborated with the JJIF just over four years ago when they signed an agreement to combine muaythai and ju jitsu to create a mixed martial arts format for a combat sports event series. That even series was Abu Dhabi Warriors, which has gone on to become one of the top ten MMA brands in the world.

The relationship is now being taken to the next level with EX Sports reaching an agreement with the JJIF to develop collectible digital cards, which will enable over one million athletes under the JJIF to create their own virtual merchandise. As well as increasing fan engagement, the project will also open up new revenue streams for the federation.

The first digital cards will be launched before the end of this year during the upcoming International Ju Jitsu World Championships in Abu Dhabi from 15 to 24 November.

As part of the same agreement, EX Sports has also been tasked with developing JJIFTV, a 24/7 online platform that will host all upcoming live events held under the JJIF umbrella as well as an on-demand library featuring thousands of hours of content.

Speaking on the two projects, EX Sports co-founder Seth Fishman commented, “The vision of EX Sports is to connect these two digital assets in a way that will increase the value of the collectible cards.” In simple terms, that will be achieved by the popularity of videos on the platform increasing the value of the collectible cards of the relevant athletes.
Both EX Sports and the JJIF are excited about the potential of these new projects and will be presenting a case study at the upcoming Sport Accord Convention in Australia’s Gold Coast Next Month.