EX Sports develops strategic partnerships with blockchain startup

2021 Jun, 28     Abu Dhabi, UAE

EX Sports has established a strategic partnership with Bownce after the blockchain startup company was introduced to EX Sports’ platform at a recent blockchain convention in Dubai.

Following months of restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Dubai finally began to open up again as it became the first venue outside of Europe to hold one of the most prestigious blockchain conventions in the world. The AIBC 2021 ran form May 25-26 at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City and attracted 4,500 visitors. For EX Sports, it was an opportunity to showcase the platform it has been developing to enable sport federations and leagues to create collectible NFTs for their athletes

After more than two years of development, EX Sports launched the beta-version of its platform just over a year ago and has been presenting it at major international events to athletes and fans to test its features. With the support of these athletes and fans and in coordination with their respective sports federations, EX Sports was able to gather enough feedback to update the platform and deploy the latest version which is now available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

EX SPORTS’ vision is to enable any sporting federation to participate in the trading of NFTs, regardless if whether they are a huge well-established federation with hundreds of millions of athletes or a start-up with its own ecosystem and community. One such example is Bownce, a partner company that was also present at the AIBC 2021 and is aiming to launch its own token through the EX Sports launch pad this summer.

As the first IoT sports device of its kind, Bownce is connected to Blockchain and allows users to win tokens by competing successfully against one another in sport events. The underlying objectives of Bownce are to motivate everyone to become more active, enjoy participating in sports and ultimately live a healthier lifestyle. Users who generate tokens through Bownce can then redeem them in the EX Sports ecosystem.

The partnership reflects EX Sports’ vision of collaborating with startups to create the bridges that allow smaller communities to increase their reach and make their experiences more enjoyable. Seeing the value in helping others get a foothold in its increasingly growing ecosystem rather than viewing every other company as a competitor, EX Sports works to the philosophy that everyone is welcome.

Just as EX Sports’ strategy may be unusual to old school business models, we are living in a time of new normality. For those ready and able to adapt, it brings with it more opportunities for sports through technology. EX Sports believes that its blockchain solutions can also make sports more accessible to the fans in other ways, giving ordinary fans the opportunity to get involved and even “own” a part of the industry. Business and sport may never be the same again.