EX Sports Selected to Join HYPE’s First Virtual Accelerator Program for Sport Tech Startups

2020 Jun, 24     Global

EX Sports has been selected from more than one thousand applicants to participate in HYPE’s first ever virtual accelerator program for start-ups in the field of sport tech. Under the arrangement, EX Sports will be part of the groundbreaking HYPE Sports Tech Accelerator program for six weeks.

The HYPE Sports Tech Accelerator program is being hosted by HYPE, operators of the world’s largest platform for promoting innovation in sports and organizers of startup accelerator programs. Bringing together a global network of companies in related fields, HYPE’s forty thousand members represent brands, sports clubs, federations and academia as well as more than eleven thousand startups. Serving as a gateway for converting business innovation into business success, HYPE’s accelerator programs have so far raised in excess of $180M (USD) for various sport innovation startups. While the company previously specialized in physical events, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced it to reconsider its operations leading to the introduction of the new Virtual Accelerator Programs.

Speaking about the arrangement, EX Sports co-founder, Toli Makris, explained: “We are delighted to have been selected from over a thousand applicants to participate in this groundbreaking program. It is an amazing opportunity for us to connect with mentors and partners and restructure our business model ready to present to interested investors.”

As an established entrepreneur with a proven track record in the area of combat sports, Makris has been involved in launching and building companies that introduce innovations into sports for more than a decade. Even so, he expressed his excitement about being involved in the program: “Despite my experience over the last ten years or so and the fact that I have already overcome many obstacles while building the first global Muaythai brand without any support from established stakeholders in the sport, this program will help me learn new things and evolve myself. The team is inspiring and professional, and the extensive network will allow us to forge many new partnerships.”