EX Sports Launches Groundbreaking Digital Collectible App at Ju Jitsu World Championship

2019 Nov, 27     Abu Dhabi, UAE

EX Sports continued its mission of bringing the wide world of sport into the digital era last week when it launched the first phase of its groundbreaking EX Sports StarZ app at the Ju Jitsu World Championship in Abu Dhabi. A digital collectible platform hosted by Blockchain, this first version of the app enables fans to interact with their favorite ju jitsu athletes while also giving up-and-coming players support on their quest to achieve success in the sport.

The official launch of the StarZ app for ju jitsu athletes and fans marks the culmination of several months of work behind the scenes and is expected to be the first of many successful partnerships with different sporting federations around the world.

While EX Sports has been developing the mechanics of the app for over a year, the ambitious company took the first major step towards its official launch in May of this year when it presented a case study in partnership with the Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) at the Sport Accord Convention in Australia. Having seen how well-received their concept was at the convention, EX Sports and the JJIF worked closely together to ensure the app could be launched at this year’s Ju Jitsu World Championship 2019. JJIF President, Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, expressed his delight when he said, “This is an exciting new dawn for ju jitsu, for the many aspiring athletes in our sport and for the fans. I’m sure we’ll see many more sports benefiting from this project before long.”

The StarZ app was also well received by the participants in the Ju Jitsu World Championship. With demonstrations being provided throughout the ten-day tournament, ju jitsu athletes from over 80 countries reacted positively to the features, usability and benefits of the app. By having their own collectible, the athletes will be able to engage with their fans and generate support to help them with their career. The athletes can cash in any revenues they generate from their collectible cards to redeem services and products from within the Blockchain-supported ecosystem.

Demonstrations of the StarZ app also proved popular with fans. By collecting digital cards of their favorite ju jitsu athletes, any fan can earn points and tokens, which can then be redeemed for various services and merchandise provided by the federation. There are also opportunities for fans to interact with any athlete whose collectible they hold.

Following the success of this first phase of its project, EX Sports is already planning to launch a Muaythai version of the StarZ app next month in conjunction with the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA). The company then aims to add one more sport every month over the coming two years by working directly with the various sporting federations to create the ultimate platform for sports collectibles.