EX Sports joins Asean Young Enterpreneurs Carnival

2019 Sep, 02     Bangkok, Thailand

EX Sports had the opportunity to present its latest Blockchain project at the 4th ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival held in Bangkok on September 2 and 3. Representing EX Sports, the CEO of the company’s Thailand branch, Kata Boonsin, and Chinese-based partner, Sam Lee, were among a select few visionaries invited to speak at the increasingly prestigious event.

Sharing one vision of a smart, sustainable, equal and empowered ASEAN community, the Carnival brings together some of the region’s most visionary young leaders as well as global change makers under the theme “Smart Leaders: Smart Business”. Since the first ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival was held in Malaysia in 2016, the event has moved around ASEAN with both the Philippines and Singapore playing host before it came to Thailand this year.

Providing an opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs to connect, interact and build relationships and networks across ASEAN and the region, this year’s Carnival was attended by approximately 300 young business leaders from across the region. With its emphasis on the use of technology and analytics in the digital world, the Carnival invites an exclusive group of speakers to share their visions and experiences in this regard.

With its vision for utilizing Blockchain for the good of sport, EX Sports was among the select group of companies invited to speak at the event. Having participated in the launch of the Blockchain Centre Bangkok and speaking at a press conference organized by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), EX Sports representatives Sam Lee and Kata Boonsin bring a great deal of insight into the role of Blockchain in the future of not only the sports industry but also the wider business environment.

First on the podium was the company’s Chinese-based partner, Sam Lee, who flew in from Shanghai to present the importance of getting the right structure for any Blockchain venture and keeping up with the evolving regulation. Lee was then followed by EX Sports Thailand CEO, Kata Boonsin, who made a detailed presentation on the EX Sports Collectible Digital Cards project.

Aligned with the company’s “Blockchain for the Good of Sports” philosophy, the project is powered by the Blockchain system and supports the development of up-and-coming athletes. In addition to enabling fans to get more involved in supporting young athletes, the Blockchain system ensures full transparency. The project is due to be launched in Abu Dhabi at the JJIF World Championships in November.

Speaking after his presentation, Boonsin said he was “honored to get invited to such a prestigious event and present EX Sports’s collectible digital cards project as one of their blockchain activities designed to help the sports industry right across the board, from the athletes to their loyal fans.”