Blockchain Centre Comes to Bangkok through Partnership with EX Sports

2019 Jul, 23     Bangkok, Thailand

Blockshine expanded its international network into Thailand last week when it opened its first Blockchain Centre in Bangkok. The newly-opened Bangkok office is the global non-profit education and knowledge hub’s sixteenth centre and was opened through collaboration with Bangkok-based sports group, EX Sports.

Since opening its first centre in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, Blockshine’s global network has expanded to include sixteen centres in thirteen countries across the world with centre’s in Australia, China, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the USA, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Lithuania, Colombia, Montenegro, Pakistan and now Thailand.

As a non-profit organization, Blockshine is dedicated to supporting the ever-growing Blockchain community by promoting blockchain technology, educating users, collaborating with local partners and providing regulatory support.

Blockchain Centres serve as a hub bringing together computer enthusiasts, developers, technical talents, Internet industry executives and entrepreneurs from various industries to develop a Blockchain ecosystem with a focus on international cooperation and an open exchange of information.

In bringing its newest Blockchain Centre to Bangkok, Blockshine collaborated closely with local sports industry group, EX Sports. With Blockchain becoming increasingly embedded in the global sporting community, the partnership with EX Sports offers many advantages for all concerned parties.

EX Sports has itself been very active in seizing the opportunities that Blockchain offers both athletes and sports fans alike, with a number of projects already in various stages of development. EX Sports aims to leverage its partnership with Blockshine to support the development of its own global sporting network.

Speaking on the potential of the partnership, EX Sports co-founder Toli Makris commented, “Blockchain Centres offer a global network where ideas can be shared and projects can be developed and showcased. But most importantly for us, the centres help to educate our own sports network and the regional communities about the technology, how it can be used, how is increases transparency, how the regulatory environment works.”

While EX Sports will continue to work closely with Blockshine and its Bangkok Blockchain Centre, Makris stressed that EX Sports has no intention of becoming part of the crypto community. “We are completely focused on the global sporting community that we have developed over the past fifteen years,” Makris explained. “Our mission is to educate the sporting community on how they can develop virtual merchandise and build transparency. In particular, we want to empower sports federations and organisers to participate in the Blockchain community and take advantage of all the benefits this technology has to offer, for the federations, their athletes and the fans.”