Blockchain for Good. BUYT 2019 Success Offers Promise for Future Projects

2019 Jul, 28     Bangkok, Thailand

With the inaugural Bangkok Urban Youth Tournament having reached a highly successful conclusion at the finals on July 29, the organizers of this charity event series are already looking ahead to a second season as well as a number of exciting new projects aimed at helping underprivileged children through the power of sports.

EX Sports was proud to have played a leading role in the project, working closely alongside the main organizers, United Through Sport (UTS). While every child who participated throughout the series was a winner, the finals on July 29 gave some of those children a chance to showcase their skills on a truly international stage. Over 100 countries were represented in the finals, with the sports and activities as diverse as chess and Muaythai.

The Bangkok Urban Youth 2019 tournament also received NOC Endorsement from Khun Ying Patama Leesawatrakul , who came to the finals to show her support for the project and, more importantly, the children who made it possible.

EX Sports and UTS are now already looking to build on the success of the Bangkok Urban Youth 2019 tournament and take it to the next level by creating a pilot project that will give people around the world to get involved and support this noble cause. By creating digital collectible cards that represent each of the children taking part in the project, the organizers can provide a way for anyone to sponsor one or more children by donating on these individual cards. The money raised of each card goes to the child in a digital token format which can be redeemed for clothing, food or equipment related to his or her sporting activities.

The collectible card system is designed to allow anyone around the world to support an underprivileged child and provide them with the means to finance their sporting activities. While not every child will make it into the world of professional sport, they will at least all be encouraged to take up sport as a way of staying health, building their
self-esteem, and staying away from undesirable activities.

UTS has been working with a number of sporting federations for several months but has developed a strong partnership with EX Sports, and the success that this partnership has enjoyed through the Bangkok Urban Youth Tournament 2019 is set to grow even stronger with the development of this anticipated digital collectible project.