Avocado DAO Joins EX Sports and IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship

2024 Jan, 24     Abu Dhabi, UAE

EX Sports and IQ Protocol are thrilled to announce their collaboration with Avocado DAO in the 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship.' This partnership emphasizes the integration of blockchain technology in the GameFi sector, aligning perfectly with Avocado DAO's mission to revolutionize the web3 gaming landscape. a comprehensive platform for blockchain gaming and community enrichment, now taking a significant step by joining this championship.

Avocado DAO: A Pioneer in Web3 Gaming
Avocado DAO, deeply rooted in the gaming community, has been at the forefront of educating and empowering Metaverse enthusiasts. Their expansion into various areas of the Web3 space, including providing educational resources and supporting community growth in blockchain gaming, reflects their commitment to reshaping the future of gaming. As Avocado DAO continues to extend its reach, its participation in the 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship' demonstrates their ongoing commitment to community, innovation, and democratizing gaming in the web3 space.

The Championship: Blending Tradition with Cutting-Edge Technology
The 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship' is a unique event that combines traditional camel racing with the latest in Web3 technology, mirroring Avocado DAO’s vision of merging classic gaming experiences with blockchain innovation. Participants can expect an exhilarating competition with a grand prize pool featuring USDT, IQT tokens, and xARC tokens.

Exclusive Community Engagement and Rewards by Avocado DAO
In line with its foundational commitment to community, Avocado DAO is set to distribute 1000 Al Hejin Camel Racing NFTs, valued at $4,000, offering exclusive access to the championship on the EX Sports platform. These NFTs signify value and enhance the play-and-earn experience for participants, underscoring Avocado DAO's approach to value accumulation and equitable distribution in the gaming world.

Event Participation and Community Involvement
Avocado DAO ensures a deep level of community involvement in the championship, inviting participants to utilize the NFTs to vie for the grand prize. This engagement reflects Avocado DAO’s dedication to fostering community spirit and providing a platform for gamers to connect, compete, and grow together.

Event Schedule
The championship is scheduled from 27th January at 3pm GST to 10th February 2024 at 2:59pm GST. Avocado DAO will provide its community with detailed guidelines for participation, ensuring a comprehensive and exciting experience for all involved.

As Avocado DAO forges ahead, redefining the gaming landscape through innovation and a strong community focus, their participation in the 'IQ Protocol Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship' marks another milestone in their journey to empower the next generation of gamers in the Metaverse.

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