Al Hejin - Getting Started

2024 Jan, 10     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Hejin, is the world's first Web3 Camel Racing play-and-earn mobile game, where the timeless excitement of camel racing is transformed into a digital adventure. From the adrenaline-fueled Qualifier Races to the prestigious Finale, your journey will be filled with strategy, excitement, and the thrill of the race.
Al Hejin is exclusively playable through the EX Sports app, and you require a registered EX Sports account and EX Sports Wallet.


1. Download the EX-Sports App on IOS or Android:

2. Open the app and create an account as prompted.

3. From within the app, create an EX Sports wallet
  • Click on the wallet image in the bottom right hand corner
  • Click on create a wallet & follow the simple instructions
  • Once created remember to safely backup your passphrase and your password

4. Claim your Free Camel NFT
Upon creating your EX Sports Wallet there will be a pop-up box asking you to enter a code to redeem a free Camel NFT. If you have a redeem code, put it in here.
Once entered, your camel will be delivered directly to your EX Sports wallet. This could take 2-10mins depending on blockchain load.

1. Starting Up
  • Enter the Racing World: Open the EX Sports app to see the Al Hejin box on the homescreen, hit 'Play Now' to start racing.
  • Choose Your Race: You'll see live races, and upcoming races with three categories and shades - Qualifier (blue), Championship (yellow), and Finale (red).

2. Race to Qualify
  • Begin with Qualifier Races: Choose an upcoming Qualifier Race (marked in blue).
  • Joining a Race: Pick a racing slot in your chosen Qualifier Race and lock in your camel.
  • A Camel has 10 lives: Each camel has 10 opportunities to qualify.

3. Championship Races
  • Advance to Championship Races: In Championship Races (marked in yellow), you can race as much as often as you like so long as there is an empty slot and your camel has Stamina. The goal is to accumulate points on the leaderboard.
  • Manage Stamina: In Championship Races, each camel can race once every 24 hours, after which its stamina depletes and requires recovery. Want to race sooner? Use a 'Camel Bite' to instantly replenish your camel's stamina, they only cost $1.
  • Climbing the Leaderboard: If your camel finishes in the top 3 it earns points (1st=100, 2nd=50 and 3rd=10). The top 15 camels with the highest leaderboard points at the end of the Championship will automatically enter the ‘Finale Race’.
  • Finale Goal: The winning camel of the ‘Finale Race’ gets a grand prize of $1,000!

Al Hejin NFT Utility
Al Hejin Camel Collectibles serve as integral NFTs within the Al Hejin game, granting players access to competitive races with the chance to qualify for championship events. Each NFT provides ten opportunities to race and win, with successful camels progressing to higher-level competitions and potential prize winnings. Should a camel not qualify, it can be placed into a milking pool to accrue points toward acquiring a new racing camel. While the collectible becomes dormant after its active racing period, it remains a part of the user's collection, reflecting their participation and achievements in the game.