EX Sports Partners with Gate Web3 for NFT Giveaway to Play in the Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship, Exclusive to Gate Users

2024 Jan, 11     Abu Dhabi, UAE

EX Sports Partners with Gate Web3 for NFT Giveaway to Play in the Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship, Exclusive to Gate Users

Gateway to Web3, EX Sports is set to launch on Gate.io Web3. Here, it will give away Al Hejin Camel Racing NFTs, enabling users to participate in the ‘Al Hejin Camel Racing Championship’ for free, with a chance to win $1000 USDT.

Experience Al Hejin: The First Mobile Camel Racing Game

Al Hejin, the world's first mobile camel racing game, offers an exclusive play-and-earn gaming experience via the EX Sports app. Players engage in competitive camel racing using Al Hejin Camel NFTs, combining fun with strategic gameplay, all enhanced by the opportunity for substantial rewards!

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Tournament Details: Strategy, Competition, and Rewards

To qualify for a free Al Hejin Camel Racing NFT and compete in the game, users must:

  • Complete specific tasks highlighted by Gate Web3.(See Here)

  • Gate will select 3,500 winners, who will then receive an NFT airdrop to their Gate Wallets from EX Sports. This contains instructions on how to receive an official Al Hejin Camel Game NFT, along with a unique redeem code.

  • Users must download the EX Sports App, create an Account and Wallet, enter the unique redeem code, and will then receive the official Al Hejin Game NFT in their EX Sports wallet, enabling them to play the game.

Each NFT allows players to race in up to 10 ‘Qualifier’ races. Winners can participate in the main tournament, comprising ‘Championship’ races, where they have a chance to win $1,000.

Event Timing and Participation

The Gate Web3 Startup AirDrop Giveaway commences on January 12th, at 10 am UTC+4, and ends on January 16th, at 10 am UTC+4. (See Here) 

The ‘Al Hejin Championship’, and your chance to race for $1,000 commences on January 20th, at 3pm UTC+4 on January 27th, at 2:59pm UTC+4

Al Hejin is exclusively playable through the EX Sports app, and you require a registered EX Sports account and EX Sports Wallet.

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