EX Sports and Magic Square Announce the Al Hejin Camel Racing Magic Store Tournament

2024 Jan, 05     Abu Dhabi, UAE

In an exciting partnership, EX Sports teams up with Magic Square to bring you the exclusive ‘Al Hejin Camel Racing Magic Store Tournament.’ This thrilling event promises to engage users with innovative NFT giveaways and competitive digital camel racing, marking a unique blend of technology and sportsmanship.

Experience Al Hejin: The First Mobile Camel Racing Game

Al Hejin, the world's premier mobile camel racing game, is exclusively playable via the EX Sports app. Participants can compete using Al Hejin digital collectables, diving into a world of competitive racing and strategic gameplay.

Magic Store: Your Gateway to Web3 Apps and Games

Magic Store, a pivotal part of the Magic Square ecosystem, is a Web3 App Store where users can discover, explore, and engage with a wide array of community-vetted Web3 apps and games. It offers a user-friendly experience, complete with categorized pages and easy navigation, ensuring a seamless browsing journey. Users can influence app trust scores, participate in the Magic Karma program, and take advantage of the Magic Boost affiliate program.

Tournament Details: Strategy, Competition, and Big Rewards

To qualify for a free Al Hejin Camel NFT and compete in the game, users must complete specific tasks highlighted by Magic Store (Magic Store Link). With their NFT in hand, players can compete in up to 10 'Qualifying races.' Victorious participants in these races earn $0.5 and the chance to compete in the main event – the 'Championship Races.' Points are awarded for top finishes, and leaders accumulate on a leaderboard. The grand finale will see the top 15 camels battling it out for a substantial $1,000 prize.

Event Timing and Participation

The tournament is set to captivate audiences from Saturday, 6th January 3pm GST until Saturday, 20th January 2024, 2.59pm GST. To be eligible for the Al Hejin NFT giveaway and a chance to compete, users must complete a series of tasks as outlined by Magic Store (Magic Store Link).

Join the Race

Prepare for an unparalleled digital racing experience and the chance to win big. The Al Hejin Camel Racing Magic Store Tournament awaits your participation. For more information and to become a part of this groundbreaking event, visit (Magic Store Link).