Al Hejin: The World's 1st Camel Racing Play-and-Earn Mobile Game

2024 Jan, 04     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Hejin introduces the ancient sport of camel racing into the modern world of mobile gaming through the EX Sports app, offering a play-and-earn experience rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East. This game reflects the traditional aspects of camel racing, adapted for a global audience seeking connection and competition in the digital age.


Dating back to the 7th century, camel racing is more than a sport; it's an integral part of life in many Middle Eastern cultures. Originating with the Bedouin tribes, the sport evolved from a necessity to a formalized, competitive event. Al Hejin draws inspiration from this deep-rooted tradition, aiming to replicate the nuances of real-life camel racing, from the strategic breeding and training to the adrenaline of the races.


In Al Hejin, camels are not just digital assets; they are a reflection of the sport's diverse heritage. Each camel is randomly generated from the five major regions known for camel racing: Emirati, Qarati, Sudani, Saudi, and Omani. The region influences the fur color, adding a layer of authenticity and variety to your camel. Additionally, players can find 60 different armor colors, each with its own rarity, further customizing their experience.

The performance and uniqueness of your camel are also determined by its status, ranging from C1 to C100, and its breed, whether it's a purebred Mahali or a crossbred Mahajinet. The gender of the camel, male or female, adds another layer to the strategy of racing and breeding. All these details, including the camel's original metadata, are accessible in the 'My Album' section of the EX Sports app, allowing players to fully understand and appreciate their camel's heritage and capabilities.


To immerse yourself in the world of Al Hejin, follow these steps:

Register an Account: Sign up on EX Sports to access the game.
Download the App: The EX Sports App, available on iOS and Android, is your gateway to Al Hejin.
Create a Wallet: Your EX Sports wallet will hold your digital assets and manage your in-game earnings.
Purchase a Camel: Buy an Al-Hejin Mystery Camel Pack from the in-app Marketplace, which comes with three camels, each with its own set of characteristics and potential.
Start Racing: With your digital camel, you're ready to enter the world of Al Hejin and race.


Al Hejin is more than a game; it's an educational tool that introduces players to the history and intricacies of camel racing. By participating, players not only engage in competitive play but also learn about a sport that has been a cornerstone of cultural identity in the Middle East for centuries. The game aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for this ancient tradition, encouraging players to explore the real-world heritage and perhaps even experience camel racing firsthand.

Al Hejin thus serves as a digital homage to a storied sport, offering players around the world a chance to engage with a piece of cultural history while enjoying a contemporary gaming experience.

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