Important Announcement for Urbanball iOS Users!

2024 Jan, 03     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dear Urbanball Community,

We want to keep you in the loop about recent changes affecting the Urbanball game on Apple iOS. Due to shifting regulations on the Apple platform, we have required to temporarily remove the Urbanball game from iOS.

What's Happening:
The evolving landscape of regulations on Apple has impacted the current iOS version of Urbanball in the EX Sports app. Rest assured, we're actively working on a newer version to align seamlessly with these regulations.

What's Next:
While we're fine-tuning things on iOS, the Android version remains unaffected and offers the same exciting gameplay you love, so users can still continue enjoying Urbanball without any interruptions.

Stay Tuned:
We appreciate your understanding and patience during this process. Our team is committed to bringing you an even better Urbanball experience on iOS. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming release!

Your Feedback Matters:
We appreciate your support and feedback. Your input helps us make Urbanball even better! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, feel free to reach out to us by email or on Discord.

Stay Connected:
Follow us for real-time updates and exciting announcements. The world of Urbanball is evolving this 2024, and we're thrilled to have you on this journey!

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Thank you for being part of the Urbanball Community! Let's kick it up a notch and nutmeg this 2024!

-EXSports Team