Get Paid to Play - Empowering Communities Through Transparent Transactions

2023 Dec, 11     Abu Dhabi, UAE

In the heart of Kibera, Africa's largest slum, EX Sports and UrbanBall orchestrated a groundbreaking initiative that not only engaged the local community but also showcased the transformative power of blockchain in fostering transparency and financial inclusion. Titled "Get Paid to Play," this street football tournament not only entertained the residents of Kibera but also laid the foundation for a novel approach to community engagement, using digital wallets to facilitate transparent transactions.

Digital Participation and Financial Inclusion

The tournament kicked off with 40 enthusiastic participants, including 29 players, who eagerly joined the event organized by EX Sports and UrbanBall. To ensure transparency and efficiency, every participant downloaded the EX Sports app, created a free account, and registered a digital wallet. This not only streamlined the registration process but also set the stage for a revolutionary financial inclusion experiment.

Each participant received $10 USD for their involvement, a modest yet meaningful amount in a community where financial resources are often scarce. The unique aspect of this initiative was the utilization of digital wallets, which provided a traceable record of every transaction, effectively eliminating the need for traditional intermediaries like banks and charities.

Eliminating Middlemen for Direct Benefits

By bypassing these intermediaries, participants experienced a direct and tangible impact on their financial well-being. They received the full benefits of their earnings, fostering a sense of financial empowerment in an underserved community where every dollar counts.

Winner's Reward and Local Currency Integration

The tournament's climax saw the deserving winner not only receiving a $100 USD cash prize but also earning an exclusive trip to Dubai for UrbanBall Season 2. The flexibility of the digital wallet system allowed participants to choose how to utilize their earnings. Many converted their USDT to the local currency through M-Pesa, supporting local telco operators and potentially attracting sponsorship interest from them.

International Brand Assurance and Diversified Spending Options

International brands, such as UrbanBall, furthered the cause by distributing a $500 USD prize pool through the EX Sports wallet. Transparent transactions ensured that funds reached the intended participants, establishing confidence for future sponsorships. Participants were given the flexibility to use their earnings within the EX Sports ecosystem, either by purchasing Play-to-Earn Characters for weekly competitions or by redeeming coins for products like balls or shirts. This not only diversified spending options but also reinforced brand loyalty among participants.

Building Brand Loyalty and Empowering Brands Locally and Internationally

The use of digital wallets and in-app purchases created an avenue for brand engagement, fostering loyalty among participants. The success of the "Get Paid to Play" initiative in Africa's largest slum goes beyond the local impact, showcasing the potential for utilizing mobile phones as a means of financial inclusion on a global scale.

Outcome and Future Implications

The "Get Paid to Play" initiative has left an indelible mark on the Kibera community, demonstrating a viable model for transparent financial transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology and digital wallets, the organizers not only ensured that every participant received fair compensation but also created opportunities for future collaborations with international and local brands. The success in Africa's largest slum emphasizes the scalability and impact of such initiatives in underserved communities worldwide, setting a precedent for the future of community engagement through transparent transactions.