EX-Sports Unveils 'AL-HEJIN: Dive into the World of Mobile Play-and-Earn Camel Racing!

2023 Nov, 10     Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, November 8, 2023 - EX-Sports is excited to announce the beta launch of 'Al Hejin,' a groundbreaking addition to the mobile gaming world. As the world's first play-and-earn mobile camel racing simulator, 'Al Hejin' offers an unparalleled digital experience, complete with exclusive 'Al Hejin' digital collectibles. The excitement kicks off this Saturday, November 11th, at 3 PM GST.

Innovative Gameplay Dynamics:

'Al Hejin' brings a fresh twist to mobile gaming with its unique and engaging gameplay. Players select their digital camel, choose their race slot, and immerse themselves in the excitement of simulated races. Watching their camel compete for victory or a podium finish adds to the game's thrill. This spectator-style approach provides an easy-to-navigate yet captivating gaming experience for all.

Mega Tournaments with Enticing Rewards:

Celebrating the beta launch, 'Al Hejin' introduces team-based mega tournaments, featuring impressive rewards and prizes. Over four action-packed weeks, players can join forces with content creators from the gaming world, who have teamed up with us to form their own camel racing squads. These Camel Packs not only offer the chance for personal glory but also collective triumphs, with shared rewards of $5000 for the team of the winning camel and an individual prize of $5000 for its owner. With four tournaments lined up, players can compete for a total prize pool of $40,000.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Fun:

Available exclusively on the EX-Sports app, 'Al Hejin' promises a smooth, hassle-free gaming experience. CEO Toli Makris highlights the game's user-friendly design: "We've aimed to make 'Al Hejin' both exciting and accessible. The integration of the EX-Sports wallet into our app allows players to jump right into the fun, with just a few clicks."

About EX Interactive Games:

EX Interactive Games FZ-LLC is a comprehensive mobile gaming and content platform offering a 360-degree fan experience. This includes unique play-and-earn games, digital collectibles, exclusive live sporting event streams, and incredible rewards. The EX-Sports App is your portal to cutting-edge gaming and digital sports entertainment, available on iOS and Android.

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