Al Hejin Beta Launch Details

2023 Nov, 08     Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Al Hejin" is the worlds first web 3 Camel Racing Play-and-Earn game, using “Al Hejin" digital collectables. After over a year in development It's finally ready for the official public Beta launch!

“Al Hejin” Beta launch starts Mid November.


  • Beta launch Start Date: November 11th 12:00 (GST).
  • Beta launch End Date: December 9th 12:00 (GST)
  • Beta will be open to the public, who will require to purchase packs to play. However, users who pre-registered on the AL Hejin Form will receive a free Camel Pack Digital Collectable airdrop, enabling them to participate. Only wallets that have applied can participate. (registration is open until November 5th, form is here:
  • Airdrop “Al Hejin Camel Pack” containing 3 Digital Collectable, for use in the launch to the EX Sports wallets that have applied to participate.
    • The Camel Packs will consist of a random influencer team Camel Pack.
    • To enter the Race, you must have the “Al Hejin” Digital Collectable in your EX Sports Wallet
  • After the Beta launch winners will be airdropped rewards to their EX Sports participating wallets. The ability values (Speed and Stamina) for each Al Hejin camel set at the time of the Beta launch are provisional values. They may be changed during and after the Beta launch.
  • If you detect any defects or suggestions for improvement, please fill out the “Defects and Suggestions for Improvement Entry Sheet” below.


  • The Tournaments will consist of different influencer teams. 
  • Your Al Hejin Camel Digital Collectable will be part of one of the influencer teams, that can ONLY COMPETE IN THE FIRST TOURNAMENT.
  • There will be 4 Tournaments, each lasting 1 week, consisting of Exhibition qualifying races and the Seasonal Tournament Races. YOUR FREE AIRDROPPED CAMEL Digital Collectable ARE LOCKED TO COMPETING IN THE FIRST TOURNAMENT.
  • After each Tournament, every single camel is retired.
  • After each Tournament completes, there will be a 24 hour flash sale of new Camel Pack Digital Collectable (pack of 3 @$9.99) before the start of the next Tournament.
  • Exhibition Races
    • Each Camel is required to qualify in an Exhibition Race, by coming in 1st place, before it can compete in the Seasonal Tournament Races.
    • If your camel comes 2nd or 3rd place in an Exhibition Race, it gets another chance to race again.
    • If your camel comes in 4th – 15th in an Exhibition Race, it is ‘retired’, and will slowly gain its energy again over a 1 month period, when it can be used again.
  • Seasonal Tournament Races
    • When your camel qualifies for the Seasonal Races, it can compete freely during the remainder of the weekly tournament, with the goal of coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place as often as possible to accumulate points on the leaderboard. However, your camel's stamina empties after each race, preventing it from racing, and takes 24 hours to recharge.
    • You can buy “Camel Bites” from within the Al Hejin game which will instantly recharge your camels' stamina, allowing you to race again straight away.
    • At the end of each Tournament, the top 15 camels on the leaderboard will face off to determine the winner.


  • 1st Place Camel Owner in an Exhibition Race is rewarded with $18 USDT
  • 1st Place Camel Owner in Seasonal Tournament are rewarded with $5000 USDT
  • 1st Place Camel Owners TEAM in Seasonal Tournament are distributed $5,000 USDT equally among all team members
  • All prizes will be airdropped to the participating EX Sports wallet. 


  • All Al Hejin Camel Pack Digital Collectable are available for purchase on the EX-Sports App available on IOS and Android
  • Access to the Al Hejin Game is through the EX Sports App.
  • Each race has 15 slots. 
  • There is NO limit how many Camels can be purchased
  • In Exhibition qualifying and Seasonal races you can enter as many camels as you like, free of charge, as long as a slot is available and you have an eligible camel.
  • In Exhibition qualifying, each camel has 1 chance to race. If it comes in 2nd or 3rd place, it will get another go. If it comes in 4th to 15th place it will be retired.
  • In Seasonal races, camels can race as many times as possible, depending on their stamina and slots. Finishing a race in the top 3 earns your camel points, (1st = 100, 2nd 50, 3rd = 10), which are accumulated on the leaderboard.




  • EX Sports App on IOS or Android,
  • EX Sports Registered Account 
  • EX Sports Wallet with at least 1 Al Hejin Camel Digital Collectable